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Chef Mariana Brito

Chef Mariana Brito

Field to Plate

Mariana Brito is a Chef. She was born in Mexico City, raised in Tijuana. She ventured into Culinary School in the hopes of traveling the world though cooking. It didn't take long for her to realize this was her life calling and finished her degree on Culinary Art School Tijuana at the age of 24. By that time, she had had the rare opportunity of staging at different places in Mexico City & Michelin Star restaurants in Spain and NYC. 

Her experience is varied, from leading a small Holistic Kitchen for cancer patients where organic and whole foods were the norm to going down the pastry road in Spain learning from world master Pastry Chef Paco Torreblanca. After taking on a Cooking Instructor job at Schoolhaus in the Queen City and teaching real-food principles for several months, she decided to take on an internship at one of the best Farm-to-Table restaurants in the USA.

  Now she is back in the Prairies, leading a project called The Backyard, a pop-up restaurant where she serves dinner menus with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Her cooking concept is always dictated by flavour based on availability of ingredients, designing her menu around the season and the weather. She embraces ancient preservation methods, bold Mexican flavours, and looks at the healthfulness of every meal respecting the main star in her dishes: Ingredients.

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