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Foster Warriner

Foster Warriner


Foster began farming in the 1970's with his parents and he and his wife Anita switched to organic grains and oilseed production in the 1990's. He studied business administration in college and went on to achieve his CGA designation in the accounting field . While he is no longer involved in the accounting industry the skills and training have been very helpful in determining how much money he is not making. Foster and Anita have three adult children and one teenager at home. They farm 2500 acres near Alameda Sask and are enjoying their lives on an organic family farm. They look forward to celebrating the 125th anniversary of their family farm next year in 2017.

Foster will show a comparison of production costs on both organic and convention farms and touch on the factors that that can affect the final numbers. He will also discuss the revenue side of the equation and how that can be affected by rotations , crop choices and marketing.

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