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Angela Schmitt

Angela Schmitt

Women in Ag

My interest in organics was sparked when I moved from Regina to my husband’s farm in rural Saskatchewan in the late 1980’s. Not being a farmer myself at the time, I was alarmed at the cost of fertilizers and chemicals, not only on the bottom line of the farming operation, but also to the health of my husband and our 4 small children.

After some research we joined a certification body that had a chapter-based group of farmers both because we needed the mentorship and support, and also to get some leads on where to sell our organic products – this was the late 1990’s! and there wasn’t the access to a wide array of buyers at the click of a button, as there is today.

Now, almost 20 years later, I am a passionate advocate of producing and eating organically as a lifestyle, especially with my own family which now includes 5 grand-daughters, and working closely with my husband on the business side of the operation to market and sell our dedicated organic grain commodities and custom work for our Seed Cleaning facility.

I am an elected Director of the newly-formed Sask Organics organization which now represents all organic producers and processors in Saskatchewan. I started an Organic Grocery Buying Group in Carrot River in 2001 due to a lack of organic products available in local grocery stores in our rural area. I have participated in Trade Missions to other countries in the past 3 years as a member of the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP).

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