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Reynald Lemke

Reynald Lemke


Dr. Reynald Lemke grew up on a small farm in central Saskatchewan. He completed his undergraduate work at the University of Saskatchewan, and graduate work at the University of Alberta. Reynald is employed as a research (soil) scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and is currently located at the Research and Development Centre in Saskatoon. His research focuses primarily on the influence of agricultural practices on soil quality and greenhouse gas emissions. He has led numerous projects investigating how these factors are influenced by tillage systems, pulse crops, fertilizer management and grazing systems. Reynald champions a number of long-term (ranging from 20 to 100+ years) crop rotation/cropping systems studies that are being utilized to assess, understand, and improve the sustainability of crop production systems on the Canadian prairies. Reynald is also an Adjunct Professor to the Department of Soil Science, U of S, and has had the good fortune of being able to pursue these research topics with the assistance of numerous graduate students and many of the department’s faculty members.

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