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Cindy Nikolaisen

Cindy Nikolaisen

Soil and Weeds

Cindy began her career over 30 years ago as a psychiatric nurse. Always striving to improve health, she dedicated her efforts to assisting people with mental health issues. Cindy spent many years working in nursing homes, prisons, and psychiatric hospitals.
Ten years ago, Cindy felt it was time to change the direction of her profession. After attending a seminar where she learned about the science of Dr. Carey Reams and how nutrient dense food and health soil positively affects human health, she quit her successful nursing career and began to pursue the sciences of the soil.
Cindy has spent countless hours learning and walking fields to discover about the importance of balance in the soil from producers, soil specialists and leaders in the industry. She has refined specific plans that are used to create balance and health in the soil. Now Cindy is dedicated to improving physical health and helping people grow healthy, nutrient dense food.

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