A vibrant connected organic community from the producer to the consumer


To organize conferences and trade shows for the prairie organic industry and to facilitate activities that enhance and promote the organic sector through education and awareness


My start into the world of organic food began at the very young age of ten when my parents decided to become organic farmers.  I feel that growing up on an organic farm, along with the living off the land lifestyle my parents promoted, shaped the direction I took as a young adult.  I went to university and worked on the farm in the summer, finally completing a degree in Environmental Sciences.  Once I was done my degree I thought getting a job would be pretty easy but I was very wrong.  I had zero work experience in the environmental field but lots of organic  farming experience. I was able to secure a few contracts doing research or working in the field but these were temporary jobs that didn't really make me feel like I was making the world a better place.  My big break happened when I got a contract  with Brenda Frick at the OACC.  For the first time I felt really happy about the work I was doing, and loved working with organic farmers.  I spent three years with the OACC and then my life changed again.  My husband and I had two wonderful children who I have had the privilege to stay at home with for the last 6 years.  Only recently have I stepped back into the working away from home. I am currently working for Ecocert in Saskatoon as their customer service person for the certified organic farmers in western Canada.  Ecocert has been really great and I truly enjoy working with farmers again.  I think that farming is one of the hardest jobs out there and the number of people who know how to farm is becoming less and less. So organic farmers should be very proud of themselves, they provide food for many many people and they don't pollute, contaminate or destroy life to do it.  That is why I decided that working with this group of people is the best way to work with people who are also trying to change the world and make it a better place. 

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