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To organize conferences and trade shows for the prairie organic industry and to facilitate activities that enhance and promote the organic sector through education and awareness


Debbie is a founding member of the Organic Connections Board of Directors, and served as its President from the beginning until 2015. She has been an active participant in the local, National and International organic communities since 1990. Her “hats” have been many and varied. At various times over the last several years she has served as: the manager of the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) Canada, the Foreign Affairs Director for OCIA International, voting member of the Canadian General Standards Board Technical Committee, Board member for the Organic Ag Centre of Canada, Administrator and later Board member for the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate (SOD), advisor to the SOD Organic Agriculture Protection Fund Committee, President of OCIA International, President of the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) Accredited Certifiers Association, and numerous other Boards and Committees. She has delivered presentations and workshops on various aspects of the organic food system at conferences around the world and also to smaller groups of students, producers or consumers.

At the moment she is President and Chief Financial Officer for SW Sask OCIA Chapter 8 as well as Editor of the Organic Alberta magazine, accreditation committee member to the International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS), and one of the original, still serving members of the National Organic Value Chain Round Table.

Debbie and her husband Ian moved to the Miller family farm at Lisieux, in the rolling hills of Southern Saskatchewan, in 1979. By 1990 they had come to the realization that not only were they poisoning their land and themselves with their intensive chemical use, but they were also slowly going broke in the process. There had to be a better environment in which to raise their two children, Dustin and Nancy. They bit the bullet and began the transition to organic production. By 1993 all 1100 acres were 100% OCIA certified. Ian passed away in 2012, and although Debbie still lives on the farm she is no longer an active farmer. In addition to her “organic” activities she operates a travel agency from her home, and spends her winters running a Bed and Breakfast in Costa Rica, serving as many fresh, local and organic ingredients as she can source.

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