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To organize conferences and trade shows for the prairie organic industry and to facilitate activities that enhance and promote the organic sector through education and awareness


Janet works at P.H.S Organics.  Prairie Heritage Seed Organics is an organic grain company located in Radville Saskatchewan.  Its main commodity is Kamut, but they also deal in Flax, Wheat, Peas and feed grains.  Prior to working at P.H.S. Organics Janet worked as an Agricultural Lender for 15 years in accounting and dealing with farmers. Along with working at P.H.S. Organics, Janet and her husband Alex also manage an Organic family farm with family members.  Janet has been working in the agricultural industry for over 25 years. She has volunteered on Organic Connections for the past two conferences and is excited to be on the Board and helping to support organic farmers.   Janet and Alex  have three children; Broden who is 16, Aline who is 14 and Erin who is ten.

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