You can help Organic Connections bring this unique opportunity to our youth.

Twelve Stations – 100 Students – Much Learning – Spontaneous Fun

Organic Connections, the not for profit group who put together educational opportunities is looking for sponsors for the following:

  • $600.00:    Provides the local Saskatchewan organic products that will be used for 100 students to enjoy organic food samples prepared by the chef at the Science Centre.  This amount may be shared with more than one sponsor.
  • $200.00:     Sponsor one of the 12 stations the students will go to.  
  • $100.00:     Sponsor a student to come to the event.
  • In Kind support of Student bags for the day or items to include in those bags
  • Or you can send a general donation to the entire event.

Sponsor information will be displayed as signage at the Science Centre and on the Organic Connections Website and will be included in a letter in the take-home bags of students.

Curious about those 12 Stations?  Who wouldn’t want to attend this fun packed day!!


  1. Morning Workshop on Soil Sciences – Students plant a seed and learn what is in the soil to grow that seed into a living plant.  Hands on demonstration and take home your own plant.
  2. Learn About Sprouting – Learn how to grow your own sprouts –Hands on demonstration and take away.
  3. Live Honey Bee Station – Watch and learn about bees and the role they play in feeding the world.  
  4. Create a working compost – Learn what vermicomposting is, how to build one, how the worms help break down the scraps into dirt; introduction about what is living in the soil.  Every participating class is given a compost bin worms and instructions to take back to the school for use in the classroom.  
  5. Organic Snack – Introduction of many local Saskatchewan grown foods sourced in Saskatchewan.  
  6. Read the Label – Students learn about what the various labels on processed foods mean, what to look for if you want to make healthy choices and the difference between ingredients, claims and nutrition.
  7. Herbicide Residue - Students learn how local grains are tested for residue and why one might be concerned about residue from sprays.
  8. Brix Testing – You mean plants have sugar that is testable?  This station shows why it matters, what makes the difference and how you can determine sugar levels in garden and field crops.
  9. Soil Conservation – Demonstration about the parts of healthy soil, why it is important to have soil life, organic matter and water holding capacity in soil.  Agri-forestry – Come to understand the part that trees play in farming practice and soil conservation.
  10. Two mystery stations following the theme of sustainable practices that bear consideration.


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