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Tia Loftsgard

Tia Loftsgard

Canadian Trends in Organics

Tia Loftsgard is the Executive Director of Canada Organic Trade Association. With extensive experience working in the organic food industry, Tia co-founded Camino (La Siembra Co-operative) in 1999, going on to become the organic and Fairtrade cocoa company’s Director of Sales until 2009, when she joined Fairtrade Canada. As its Business Development and Licensing Director, she led strategy, building the not-for-profit’s membership base and encouraging sustainable and ethical sourcing standards in North America. In 2013, she moved over to Fairtrade America, where as its Chief Operating Officer, she successfully developed advocacy initiatives and grew U.S. market opportunities for small farmers via the Fairtrade model.

Tia's academic work included research on conflict analysis, food justice, human rights and trade, with a BA in Human Justice from the University of Regina and Masters studies with the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University.

Passionate about sustainable agriculture, government policy, trade and ethical business models, Tia is dedicated to promoting the growth of organic and fair trade practices that benefit consumers, growers and the environment. For Tia, organic is more than a way of life—it’s about creating a just and sustainable world.

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