Organic Connections

Pioneer Organic Educator & Pioneer Organic Publisher (Wilma not pictured)Gary S. & Wilma G.

Honoured at Organic Connections 2006

Gary and Wilma have been key resource people since the 1980’s, informing and educating both face to face and in their work as publishers and editors. From 1989 to 1995 Gary edited and Wilma published Synergy Magazine, as well as Agro-Alternatives: Alternate Farming Methods to Lower Input Costs. At a time when there were few formal sources of information for new organic producers these were valuable resources. Gary was also one of the first organic inspectors and a long time instructor with SIAST, developing the first actual course on organic production. In 2000 they edited SOD’s first Organic Farming on the Prairies, a production manual that has been used in classrooms as well as on many individual farms across the prairies.

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