Organic Connections

Organic Livestock PioneerDr. Don Johnson

Honoured at Organic Connections 2012

Dr. Donald Johnson and his wife Nellie farm south of Fleming SK.  They run a mixed farm of purebred Hereford cattle, hay and grain.  Even before certification was available Doc farmed his land in the fashion we now term organic. Doc had a very active veterinarian practice for years, serving the Moosomin region until his retirement. At the age of about 75, Doc went back to school in Brandon to take a course while still actively farming in Moosomin.  Doc and Nelly live an abundant life, offering advice as requested, making annual trips afar and impressing their family, neighbors and many friends far and wide with their wisdom and knowledge about soil health, organic livestock, personal health and sustaining yourself from your own organic garden and farm production. 

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