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Stuart McMillan


Presenter Bio

Stuart McMillan is the Farm Manager for Legend Organic Farms. They were the first Canadian farm to participate in the Regenerative Organic Certification program. The farm is committed to using innovative and regenerative methods to meet sustainability and production goals.  McMillan's past involvement in the organic sector has included inspection, certification, consulting, analysis and research.  He received a M. Sc from the Swedish Agricultural University - Uppsala with a focus on organic cropping systems.  He received a B. Sc from the University of Manitoba in Agro-Ecology with a minor in Entomology and Soil Science. Based on that, he maintains an interest in the interactions of agricultural operations on insects and soil health while managing the 5000 acre farm in East-Central Saskatchewan.

Presenter's Sessions

Regenerative Organic Certification

10:45 am - 11:45 am

Main Stage Hall C